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INVINCIBLE Mario cheat in Elektronites D2K Arcade

Intellivision D2K Arcade and DK Arcade Digital ROM sales end in July 2014

Sales of the ROM for the recent Elektronite games D2K Arcade and DK Arcade will be ending this July. Carl Mueller Jr., the games programmer is now concentrating his programming efforts on the upcomi…

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The D2K Arcade High Score Competition has ENDED

What a good month of playing! In the last two weeks two players took the high scores to the next level. Check out the LEADERBOARDS for all the scores.

Thanks to all the players for participating. S…

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Good Deal Games now has D2K Arcade and Minehunter in Stock


D2K Arcade and Minehunter are now in stock at Good Deal Games

D2k Arcade is priced at 69.75 and Minehunter is priced at 64.75, shipping charges apply.




One smart ape has …

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D2K Arcade High Score Competition is Half Over!

Check out the D2K Arcade Competition Leaderboards!

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D2K Arcade Available in ROM Format for Emulators

The very popular Intellivision game D2K arcade that is currently out of stock in the physical form is
now being made available in ROM format. or use on various PC's for emulation. Ordering details a…

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D2K Arcade for the Intellivision has sold out. Elektronite has hinted that there may be more copies produced in the future, but as of right now, if you has been procrastinating your purchase of this e…

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D2K Arcade Is Almost SOLD OUT!

Elektronite has reported that they are down to the last 50 copies of D2K Arcade for the intellivision. Now is the time to make that purchase if you have been procrastinating! If history holds true, yo…

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D1K And D2K Arcade ROMS Soon To Be Available Digitally

Elektronite's D1K Arcade will soon be available as a digital sale. The price for a custom ROM with your name embedded in the game, .....for example......"John Smith's copy of Elektronite's DK Arca…

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Elektronite's D2K Box Revealed

Visit ELEKTRONITE or CLASSIC GAME PUBLISHERS for availability and ordering this new Intellivision release.

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D2K Is Officially Available!

The wait is finally over, D2K by Elektronite is available for purchase on the ClassicGamePublishers website. This is the Cartridge/Manual release, It features a brand new cartidge design as well. Chec…

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D2K available soon!

The release of D2K for the Intellivision is finally upon us. According to Classic Game Publishers, It should start shipping in about 2 weeks. Due to some printing issues a 'CART ONLY' version will be…

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D2K T-shirts Available!

D2K T-shirts are available to order on the ClassicGamePublishers website to order yours!   They currently have L, XL, and XXL  in Stock.
They are accepting requests for other sizes up to 5XL. This is…

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Build Your Own D2K Paper Arcade

Build your own D2K paper arcade cabinet! Visit JEFFSROMHACK for the full size download. Also visit his D2K information page.

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D2K Arcade Instruction Manual Art Revealed

D2K Cartridge Label Design

The cartridge label for the upcoming Intellivision release has been shown, this should be the final design. This game is still on schedule for a release in April 2012. The cartridge itself is a NEW de…

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D2K Arcade Release Coming Soon

Stay tuned to the official ordering site GAMESFORYOURINTELLIVISION for ordering and updates on more upcoming Intellivision releases.

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