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IntyBASIC is an integer BASIC language cross-compiler for Intellivision that helps greatly to ease game writing. IntyBasic was created by the very talented NANOCHESS. Others have contributed as well to the fine tuning of this program. IntyBasic a command-line integer cross-compiler of a small subset of BASIC, it generates assembler for using with as1600, that in turn generates the final executable runnable in real Intellivision and/or emulation via jzintv. SCROLL and BORDER statements have now been implemented, as well as path selection for libraries using a command-line argument. Platforms supported: Wind0ws, Mac OS X (32/64 bits) and Linux.

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Donations are welcome to help support the development of the IntyBasic Compiler program. All donations go directly to NANOCHESS and are completely voluntary. Help support this great development tool that should help enable more great games for the Intellivision!

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Games and Demos utilizing the Intybasic Compiler

The following is a list of all known games and demos utilizing the IntyBasic Compliler program for the Intellivision console. Some of these may never make it to a full fledged CIB release. Anything not shown in the list feel free to add by using the CONTACT US form. 



Apple Catcher Catch falling apples in your basket.  Kiwi Atari Age

Balloons Vs The Clowns of

Christmas Presents

A Christmas Carol version of Clowns And Balloons. DZ Jay Atari Age

Blast It

A clone of Laser Blast. Dave Akers Atari Age
Generic Shoot Em Up A space shooting game.  Kiwi Atari Age
Clowns and Balloons Pop balloons using clowns on a trampoline. Dave Akers Atari Age
Crazybus N/A A crazy bus game. Freeweed Atari Age
Goat An epic goat adventure game.  Freeweed Atari Age
GoSub Navigate your Sub through mazes in search of treasure. Atari2600land AtariAge
Grid Demo A tech demo of a grid. Dave Akers Atari Age
Hello World A hello world test screen. Kiwi Atari Age
Jump Guy Reach the top by jumping. Dave Akers Atari Age
Kaboom An Intellivision version of Activision's Kaboom. Kiwi Atari Age
Lunar Defense An original space shooter.  Vprette Atari Age
Number Blaster A number blasting game.  Kiwi Atari Age
Oopsatron An ongoing experiment in the world of Tron! Dave Akers Atari Age
Ping A Pong style game.  Freeweed Atari Age
Robot Blast! A robot shooting game. Dave Akers Atari Age
Sample Programs A sample of 4 test programs. Nanochess Atari Age
Shooting Game A simple shooting game. Kiwi Atari Age
Snake Ten Liner A snake game programmed in 10 lines of code. Dave Akers Atari Age
Super Pixel Brothers A pixel version of Super Mario Brothers.  Dave Akers Atari Age
 Tris    A Tic Tac Toe game.  Microlabs  Atari Age