Only a handful of Intellivision collectors will ever reach the goal of owning all 125 of the original Mattel Intellivision game library. You can try, but those last few games are hard to come by and can get very expensive. Many collectors are waiting on that final game to complete their collection: the elusive Spiker Super Pro Volleyball. Or perhaps Learning Fun I or II, or maybe Stadium Mud Buggies. What ever game it may be, when you finally reach the 125 it may not end there, seemingly endless game variations await you. Here at Intellivision Revolution we will honor and showcase those who have reached their goals and have made it into The 125 Club.

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(photo courtesy of Rick Reynolds)

The 125 Club Member List

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* Platinum Members - All 125 Officially released games BOXED.

* Gold Members - All 125 Officially released games BOXED/LOOSE.

* Silver Members - 124 officially released games, only missing SPIKER. BOXED/LOOSE.


Platinum Members


Gold Members


Silver Members


Becoming a member of The 125 Club

When joining The 125 Club fill out the form below. It is mandatory to include photos of your collection. The best way to do this is use an online photo service such as Photobucket or Flickr, they are free and very easy to use. Then provide a direct link to your collection photos. Or provide a link to where your collection can be viewed. Please fill out as much information as you possibly can. Each new member will have a web page made at this site if they wish. It will consists of their collection pics and any information they wish to add. You can then directly link people to view your collection here. The web address will be your name, example: www.intellivisionrevolution.com/member. Thanks for joining The 125 club!

The 125 Club at Intellivision Revolution