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Donkey Kong Junior gameplay

ArcadeUSA reviews Venture for Intellivision

Killer Bees in development for the Intellivision - free demo

Killer Bees is in the works for Intellivision. Check out the development of this game and download the digital ROM.

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Blue Sky Rangers has reissued Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey

The Blue Sky Rangers is making avialable around 200 copies of a special reissue of Slap Shot Super Pro Hockey for the intial price of 50.00. See the full details and how t…

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Jawcrusher digital ROM available at MtxWorld

MtxWorld has made the digital ROM avialable on their website, among other games. Check out the selection on the website.

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Intellivisionaries Special Edition 9 PRGE 2018

Intellivisionaries has a PRGE special edition podcast with convention coverage from the 2018 show. Listen HERE.

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Pumpkin Master available for the Mattel Intellivision by 2600Connection

2600Connection has released Pumpkin Master for Intellivision. Programmed by Oscar Toleco. Visit 2600 Connection for details.

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Playthrough Gaming Convention 2019 in North Carolina - IntellivisionRevolution

IntellivisionRevolution will be attending the Playthrough Gaming Convention 2019! If you are in the Raleigh North Carolina area stop on by. A couple of new Intellivision r…

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Intellivision Flashback Overlays Packs still available

Supplemental Overlays for the Intellivision Flashback are available at the Blue Sky Rangers online store. Visit the store HERE.

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Deep Zone for the Mattel Intellivision NOW ON SALE

Deep Zone for the Intellivision is officially for sale. The game is by Artrag and published by IntellivisionRevolution. Purchasing details are in the IntellivisionRevoluti…

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Atari Creep plays HE Man MOTU for the first time

Elektronite releases STEAMROLLER - Now for Sale

Head over to NaberHood Games for your copy of SteamRoller by Elektronite.

Purchase HERE.

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Diner on the Mattel Intellivision

Horrible Hank vs Donkey Kong - Intellivision

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What is an Intellivision? The Intellivision is a home video game system that was released in 1979 by Mattel Electronics. It was a direct competitor of the Atari 2600. Games for the system were still being released into the early 1990's. A total of over 3 million Intellivision consoles were sold worldwide. Today the Intellivision has a very active aftermarket gaming scene with new games being released each year. A new Intellivision home console will be released in late 2020 named the Intellivision Amico™ and will continue the legacy.

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Factoid: Intellivision was the first 16 bit video game console.




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