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Reserve your copy of GOSUB for the Intellivision NOW

August 29, 2016

GOSUB is coming to the Mattel Intellivision. You may reserve your copy/serial number now. Sales begin in October. Fll details are available in the official announcement th…

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Interview of Intellivision fan MIKE L

August 27, 2016

A new interview with Intellivision fan and collector, Mike L. Read the interview HERE.


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Get ready for new Intellivision multi-cart LTO FLASH

August 22, 2016

Left Turn Only has announced that the upcoming Intellivision multi-cart, the LTO Flash, will be available for purchase the last week of August 2016. For full purchase deta…

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All game modes revealed for ULTIMATE PONG

August 14, 2016

Ultimate Pong will release in October 2016 on the Mattel Intellivision.

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Sydney Hunter and the Sacred Tribes UPDATE

August 14, 2016

A new animated GIF clip was shown by the game programmer Nanochess. This game will be released by Collectorvision for the Mattel Intellivision soon.

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Intellivisionaries Podcast Episode 28 Now LIVE

August 14, 2016

Intellivisionaries episode 28 is now available for your listening pleasure. Listen HERE.

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Boulder Dash discontinued LAST CHANCE to purchase

August 13, 2016

Elektronite has announced that Boulder Dash will no longer be available after August 15, 2016 due to a contract agreement with First Star Software that will expire. Now is…

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Kid reviews the Intellivision 2

August 13, 2016

A new generation of Intellivision fan?   

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IntyBasic Showcase Volume 1 coming soon to your Intellivision

August 13, 2016

A new release is coming soon to your Mattel Intellivision! Featuring 3 games: Goatnom, Warship!, and Zyx. Release details will be made available soon.

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Pac Man review in German

August 13, 2016

KYLE AND MICHELLE PLAY Intellivision Showcase

August 13, 2016

RETRO PLAY review of Frog Bog

August 13, 2016

Ultimate Pong Coming Soon

August 13, 2016

Ultimate Pong is coming to your Intellivision soon. Stay tuned for release details. This game is expected to make its debut at the upcoming PRGE convention and sales short…

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Visit the updated Intellivision Revolution FORUMS

July 23, 2016

The official forums for Intellivision Revolution has been moved and updated. Check it out!


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Nintendo to release the NES Classic Edition Plug-N-Play system

July 20, 2016

Nintendo will be releasing a new home console on November 11 2016, Officially titled: Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition.  This new Plug-N-Play system with…

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News Comments

Where can we buy the module? Can we pre-order?

a new games im 44 i play in 1977 79 if you re a new games congratulation and many games for intellivision for a new time for 2017!!

That guest host was a jerk

Not really a promo video, per se. My brother was having fun w/ some video editing software.

BTW, notice anything? :D

Thanks Rev for sharing that great story with us!!!1209

Is this a Fan Trailer? Looking to bad for a real thing.

same game, new art.

is that the same original coleco game or also a variation? the screens seem different...

Lets see what happens with this! Maybe something or maybe nothing.

It will be cool if it actually happens.

Make this for iOS, sneak it into the App Store & enable "iTunes File Sharing" for the ROMs and I'll buy you a steak dinner!

there was rumors of a re-stock. keep checking.

Hi, these were sold out very quickly. They come up on ebay once in a while.

Will these ever be in stock again? Am interested in purchasing.

Are any of these still available? I just bought the retro intellivision flashback.

I'd love to purchase a Defendors of the Crown. Box is off the hook.