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Intellivision Buzz Bombers High Score

Missile Domination on Twin Galaxies

Intellivision Baseball League

Intellivision Day 2021 with IntvPrime

Frogger high score 97000

Intellivision Baseball League 2019

Joint the Intellivision Baseball League here!  


New Space Armada HIGH SCORE of 31.8 Million

Rickster over on Atari Age has a new High Score record on Space Armada. Beating his own personal childhood score!   Check out his story HERE.

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IntellivisionPlayer Atlantis record score

Super Chef Burgertime high score video

Prizes for the Official 2016 COPTER COMMANDOS High Score Competition

The Official 2016 COPTER COMMANDOS High Score Competition came to a close March 1st. Many thanks to the participants!  The top scoring players have won the Copter Command Limited Edition box set, including a custom Copter!

Take a look at the official thread for details on the competition. 

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The 2016 COPTER COMMANDOS Competition is now LIVE

See the details for the 2016 Copter Commandos Competition and download the ROM HERE

The 2016 COPTER COMMANDOS High Score Competition

The 2016 Copter Commandos High Score Competition is coming in February 2016!   Details Here. 

Carol vs.The World 2015 Championship HAS BEGUN

The Carol vs The World Championship high score contest is now underway. Download the ROM or play with your own copy of the game to win top prizes. The full details on the contest can be seen here in the official contest thread on Atari Age

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Carol Vs The World High Score Contest 2014

The Carol Vs The World High Score Contest for 2014 is set to begin!    Join in the competition and win great prizes. 

Check out the intial ANNOUNCEMENT THREAD on Atari Age. Also visit the OFFICIAL CAROL WEBSITE for additional info.

A free downloadable game in ROM form is available as well, as boxed copies have sold out. 

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The Intellivision Baseball League is a virtual league played by eight teams representing Intellivision games. 

This short premiere season will feature 7 games per team, culminating with a three-game championship series between the first place teams of each network. 

Special thanks to DZ-Jay for the game programming, making this league a reality. 

Comments, suggestions, designs and team ideas cam be sent to or on Twitter @intysports. 

Get live game updates and pictures on T…

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Intellivision HIGH SCORE CLUB Play and Compete Burgertime

Join the High Score Club and compete with fellow Intellivision players. Season 5 Game 9 is Burgertime! Game rules:

A) Be played at top speed (Enter and/or Disc) to start game

B) All games must have a pic to prove top speed play

 Other than that, get those burgers made while avoiding hot dogs, eggs and pickles.

Scores accepted until Sunday, July 20th, 2014 @ Noon central


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CHRISTMAS CAROL VS THE WORLD High Score Contest for December 2013

Get ready to win some cool Christmas Carol prizes, break out your Intellivision and PLAY!

Check out the official Contest rules and prizes HERE. Purchase the boxed game HERE.

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Enter the Mouse Trap High Score Competition

The Intellivision Mouse Trap High Score Competition will begin November 10th and run to November 30th. Get your Intellivision fired up and get to playing!  The top five scoring players will win a new custom embroidered Mouse Trap game patch. The top scoring player will additionally win a custom prototype CBS Mouse Trap box. Check out the High Score Competition here.

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The D2K Arcade High Score Competition has ENDED

What a good month of playing! In the last two weeks two players took the high scores to the next level. Check out the LEADERBOARDS for all the scores.

Thanks to all the players for participating. See you on the next competition.

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