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Atari Flashback Classics coming to Nintendo Switch

Want to play some classic games on the Switch? Atari Flashback is on its way to Nintendo Switch this year. More details here.

Nintendo to release the NES Classic Edition Plug-N-Play system

Nintendo will be releasing a new home console on November 11 2016, Officially titled: Nintendo Entertainment System: NES Classic Edition.  This new Plug-N-Play system with 30 great Nes classic hits. Comes with an authentically NES-style controller  (sold separately for $10.00 each). And also comes with HDMI hookups. The MSRP is 59.99. Some classic hits are: Super Mario Bros 1,2, and 3, Metroid, Final Fantasy, Kirby's Adventure, Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Tecmo Bowl, and many more!!

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World of Nintendo 8 Bit Toys

Classic Game Fest Convention 2015 Teaser Video

Classic Game Fest 2015 is July 25-25 in Austin Texas, USA. 

E3 1995 Convention Highlights

National VideoGame Museum Coming to Texas

After years of trying to find a home, the Videogame History Museum now has one: The Frisco, Texas Discovery Center, whose board has committed 10,400 square feet now and nearly $1 million to cover startup costs and construction of a larger facility to showcase its vast collection.

The board of the Frisco Community Development Corporation this week voted unanimously to approve the terms bringing the museum, founded by John Hardie, Sean Kelly and Joe Santulli, to the Discovery Center. The Mus…

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Video games of the 80s and 90s are in demand

"Oh God, it smells like the '80s! It's got that '80s plastic smell!" said Bill Smith as he unfurled a Power Pad, a plastic floor mat controller for the original Nintendo game system. Players step on red and blue buttons to play dance and sports games.

Smith works at Super 1UP Games on King Street East, a local hub for a subculture of gamers who play video games from the 1980s and 1990s.

Gamers seek out these retro games for their simple graphics but exciting gameplay.

The store is one of tw…

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Video Games The Movie

Project Unity Complete 18 Systems In ONE

Intellivision / Gameboy Development Kit Up For Auction

Up currently on Ebay is a one-of-a-kind Intellivision/Gameboy development kit. View the auction HERE.

This is a truly one-of-a-kind auction. The following is from the auction description:

I am the developer of Intellivision for GameBoy Color (hereafter I4GBC), the world's first Intellivision emulator for a portable system (developed between 2000-2001), and this is the actual development system I used to develop and test I4GBC.

Not only is this development system historically significant (be…

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The Nintendo Wii U is HERE

In totally unrelated news, the Nintendo Wii U is launching right now. The launch games total up to a whopping 24 releases varying from casual to hardcore to party to shovelware. Here is a little preview to the release games. Enjoy

Assassin's Creed III

A version of the latest chapter in the Assassin's Creed saga, a week after it
was released on other console.

Batman: Arkham City Armored Edition

Although Arkham City was released last year, this new edition allows the player to mana…

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Build Your Own D2K Paper Arcade

Build your own D2K paper arcade cabinet! Visit JEFFSROMHACK for the full size download. Also visit his D2K information page.

The Golden Age of Video Games book

 Join video game industry expert Roberto Dillon on this fascinating journey tracing the history of video games, consoles, and home computers from their beginning in the 1940s through the mid-nineties, when some very important changes took place. Dillon explores how the definitive affirmation of IBM PCs as the standard home computer, the bankruptcy of previous home computer leader, Commodore, and the debut and rise of Sony's PlayStation console marked the end of the gaming world as it was…

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