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NoSwearGamer reviews Hover Bovver for Intellivision

Hover Bovver and Apple Snaffle on Intellivision

At PRGE 2016, Hover Bovver and Apple Snaffle were both shown at the Groovybee Games booth. Hover Bovver was playing great and completed. Apple Snaffle was also playing very nicely. Also, both games will be available on the Atari 7800. Check out more info and screen shots here.

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Reservations for HOVER BOVVER on Intellivision

Elektronite is now taking reservations for the upcoming game, Hover Bovver. Expected to release in Winter 2015.   RESERVE YOUR COPY HERE

Orders for all Elektronite ending DECEMBER 15 2013 place your ORDER NOW

Elektronite, makers of some fantastic new Intellivision games, will moving overseas soon and will temporarily stop all sales of games. The deadline for ordering is December 15 2013. Sales should resume in the spring of 2014. Now is the time to place your order if you have been waiting! It appears that Minehunter and D2K Arcade are already sold out. Still available are Match 5, DK Arcade, Paddle Party, Hover Bovver (2 level demo), and the Defender of The Crown video demo cartridge. Also availab…

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Intellivision Invaded eJagFest 2013

Groovybee and his Intellivision invaded eJagFest 2013 in Germany during the this past weekend. Showing off the upcoming Rocketeer and also Hover Bovver. Check out more details directly from Groovybee himself!


Hover Bovver has been cancelled by Elektronite. The boxes and overlays for this game are being made available for this never to be released game. 100 sets of  2 boxes and 4 overlays are being made available to any interested persons. Visit the official site for ordering details.


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Hover Bovver Title Screen

The title screen for the upcoming Elektronite release: Hover Bovver. Keep an eye out for this game's release summer/fall 2013. This game is a joint effort by Elektronite and Mark Ball a.k.a. Groovybee to bring the classic game to Intellivision!

Hover Bovver coming to Intellivision

Hover Bovver for Intellivision has been revealed by Elektronite. More info soon as the release date is revealed.

Hover Bovver Mock Up for Intellivision

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