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Intellivision Flashback Overlays Packs still available

Supplemental Overlays for the Intellivision Flashback are available at the Blue Sky Rangers online store. Visit the store HERE.

The Ultimate Intellivision Flashback gameplay and review

Ultimate Flashback Upgrade Service

ARTICLE I Am in Love With the Intellivision Flashback

Article by GEEKDAD. A few weeks ago, I wrote about playing old video games on the iPad. What I really wanted was my old Intellivision back, but I mentioned in the post that I was scared to purchase the Intellivision Flashback from Amazon or Toys R Us because I had read that it was hit-or-miss. Intellivision offered to let me try one out rather than wonder if I was passing up exactly what I was searching for. CONTINUE READING ARTICLE

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Intellivision Flashback Overlay Set are SOLD OUT

Intellivision Productions no longer has the Flashback Overlays in stock. Maybe a restock will happen one day?  

Still Available Intellivision Flashback Overlay Sets

The Intellivision Flashback includes 60 games, but comes with only 10 hand controller overlay pairs. This pack includes the overlay pairs for the other 50 games. 50 pair of full-color overlays that slip over the hand controller numeric keys to aid your gameplay Includes the INTV Corp. game overlays from Psycho Stormtrooper [Roger Matthew] and overlays for the six unreleased games on the Flashback. Plus, if you are a collector (or player) of the original Mattel Electronics Intellivision conso…

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Intellivision is BACK

The Blue Sky Rangers have regrouped to bring back video games from a simpler time

In the early 1980s Keith Robinson was getting paid to have fun with his friends, programming video games such as Astrosmash, Night Stalker and Sea Battle in a huge Mattel Electronics office in Hawthorne.


The 1980s Intellivision console and games are still cultural icons. Sheldon from TV’s “The Big Bang Theory,” sports a T-shirt

decorated with a game screen from Astrosmash.


Those heady days of c…

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Epic Intellivision Flashback Review

Comikaze 2014 Keith Robinson Interview

Intellivision Flashback Controller Adapters

The Intellivision Flashback Controller Adapter by Intellivisionaries


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Add YOUR Intellivision Flashback to the DATABASE

The Intellivision Flashback is now in stores. Feel free to add YOUR Flashback to the Intellivision Serial Number Database. Check it out HERE

Updated Intellivision Flashback Commercial

WE WERE THERE new Intellivision Flashback Commercial

The SERIAL NUMBER DATABASE now includes the Intellivision Flashback

Want to contribute your info to the Serial Number Database? The Flashback has now been added as reports of some early sales at Toys R us. 

The submission form is located HERE

Intellivision Flashback Leaks Into Stores UNBOXING PHOTOS

This week a few Toys R Us stores from various locations across the U.S sold several of the Flashback units. Spotted and purchased are the Intellivision Flashback, Colecovision Flashback, and Atari Flashback 5. The official release date from AT Games is set for October 1, 2014. Reports of TRU employees pulling these from shelves after customers made their purchase. It is likely that TRU will fix this problem, But a few units have made it into the hands of some very lucky people so far. Happy hu…

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Intellivision Flashback Full Game List Revealed

The full game list has been revealed for the upcoming Intellivision Flashback Console by Intellivision Productions and AT Games, via the Intellivisionaries Podcast. See the full game list HERE. The Intellivision Flashback console is expected in stores October 2014. 

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AT GAMES is working on new Intellivision Flashback for retail and MORE

LOS ANGELES, Oct. 1, 2013 /PRNewswire-iReach/ -- Intellivision Productions, Inc. and AtGames Digital Media Ltd. have announced an exclusive licensing agreement for AtGames to release digital games and retail products based on the classic Intellivision video game properties. Intellivision and AtGames expect to introduce a wide range of products that will attract both longtime fans and new players alike.

"We are thrilled to partner with a company with such a solid reputation of keeping classic …

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