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Order the DIGITAL ROM for Space Raid

The digital ROM for Intellivision game SPACE RAID is now available for purchase. Proceed to the official download page for full details and price. Visit the official ordering page for any inquiry …

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Collectorvision now shipping SPACE RAID and SYDNEY HUNTER

Collectorvision has officially entered Intellivision scene with 2 great new releases!  Space Raid and Sydney Hunter are both now available for purchase and shipping. Both games include alternate box…

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Space Raid and Sydney Hunter for Intellivision ships in October

Announced via the Collectorvision Facebook page, Space Raid and Sydney Hunter ship in October 2014. Have not yet ordered your copies?  Head over the the Atari Age forums for ordering information. S…

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Homebrew SPACE RAID Atari 2600 VS Intellivision

Gamester81 reviews both versions of Space Raid, both are programmed by Nanochess, and being released by Collectorvision this year. 

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The SPACE RAID Boxes Completed

The boxes for the incoming Intellivision homebrew game, Space Raid, are completed and in hand. One step closer to release! Get the details and payment info on this great new game from COLLECTORVISIO…

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Order SPACE RAID for Intellivision NOW

SPACE RAID is nearing release!  The time has come to order your copy. PAYMENT information can be found HERE.

Not a member of ATARI AGE forums? Please be sure to join and make your post in the thre…

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Welcome COLLECTORVISION GAMES to the Intellivision Homebrew Scene

Welcome CollectorVision Games to the Intellivision homebrew scene! CollectorVision has been around for many years publishing mainly for the Colecovision console. Now get ready for some more NEW home…

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SPACE RAID Announced For Intellivision

Nanochess has announced a new Intellivision homebrew game he is programming for the Mattel Intellivision. Not much else is known about this game other than the screen shot. Expect more details as mo…

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