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Download the FREE Space Patrol digital ROM for Intellivision

Left Turn Only has made available the free download for the game Space Patrol. Download directly on the official website.

Left Turn Only Presents PUMPKIN SPICE PATROL


Left Turn Only has revealed a special edition of Space Patrol called Pumpkin Spice Patrol. You can download the FREE ROM for play on your CC3 or emulator. The ROM is downloadable HERE

Left Turn Only Finished Games!

Here are some pictures of the newly finished Christmas Carol and re-issued Space Patrol ready to ship out! Also a sexy pic of the limited edition clear Christmas Carol cartridge, truly rare! Visit Left Turn Only and Christmas Carol for more information.


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Space Patrol Available For Purchase

Space By Left Turn Only is available again in limited quanties for the Intellivision. Now is the time to purchase this excellent game! This new version now has the all new cartridge  and full color sticker label and the box comes shrinkwrapped as well. More details on

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Space Patrol Production Photos

Considered one of the best games released for the Intellivision, Space Patrol is an immediate classic. After years of coding the game, Joe Zbiciak has made every effort to bring you the best product possible.

Understanding collaboration is important to produce the best, Joe worked with the best in the industry to have the best sounding music, courtesy of Arnauld Chevallier, and challenging level design, courtesy of David Harley. Presentation also plays a large role so all the a…

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Revival Magazine Space Patrol Review from 2008

With Space Patrol most likely seeing more copies released along with the long rumored Super Space Patrol this year, here is a chance to look back at REVIVAL magazine's original review of this fantastic homebrew game. Space Patrol is considered one of the best games PERIOD on the Intellivision Console. This year may be your chance to pick it up in case you missed it when it originally released or have been trying to pick it up on auction sites but has been too expensive. Stay tuned for more relea…

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