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Atari Flashback comes to PS4 and Xbox One

Atari Flashback Classics Vol.1 & 2 are available for the Ps4 and Xbox One. Get your copy now!

Upgrade your XBOX ONE or PS4 with real wood grain accents

Why not upgrade your plain old PS4 or Xbox One with some real wood grain?   A company called TOAST is making them for these consoles and alot of other devices. 


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Fight for gaming consoles supremacy started with Atari vs. Intellivision

On Thursday, Sony’s PlayStation 4 arrives. One week later, Microsoft’s Xbox One debuts.

Given the escalating anticipation for these latest-greatest game systems, expect long lines and sold-out inventories. This will be followed by serious online crowing by fanboys touting the superiority of their console over the other, fueled in part by rival multimillion-dollar advertising campaigns.

Sony and Microsoft’s play for gamers’ affections and wallets is only beginning, but it’s certainly not …

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