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Original Intellivision PLAYCABLE owner - Vault 1541

Check out Vault 1541's site for some scans and video review related to Intellivision and Playcable.

Intellivision Playcable music

Playcable commercial with Mickey Mantle

Rare Intellivision PLAYCABLE sells for 1125 on Ebay

A recent Ebay auction for a rare Intellivision Jerrold PlayCable has sold on Ebay for $1,125.00. Visit the auction here. Intellivision collector 'CMART' has added this rare gem to  his collection. 

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The Incredible History Of Downloadable Console Games

Digital distribution is par for the course these days — regardless of your platform of choice. Sure, the PC gamers have Steam and GOG, but the consoles are heavily entrenched in the world of digital distribution as well. With the Xbox 360 and PS3, these concepts finally made their way into the mainstream, and the current generation is even better in that respect. Even so, the concepts behind digital distribution have been around for decades — long before household internet connections were com…

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Retro Playcable Commercial

The Stupid History Of Downloadable Games

Today we take downloadable content for granted. After all, rumors have been circulating that the next generation of hardware might not even have a disc drive, or at least will allow digital releases the same day as their retail counterparts. This has already begun - PSP titles can be downloaded straight to the Vita, which is probably great for the 12 people that own one. Many will lament this inevitable change and miss that new box/toxic plastic smell and the ability to display their game co…

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Intellivision Playcable Surfaces

The ultra rare Intellivision Playcable by General Instrument has surfaced recently on Ebay, with little time left until the close of the auction it is holding at 500.00. It has been years since one has last sold on Ebay and this is rumored to possibly reach into the thousands. Keep watch of the auction here.

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