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Interview of Michael Hayes

Check out the interview of Intellivision enthusiest and programmer of SameGame & Robots, Blix, and more.  Interview is HERE.

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Interview of Intellivision Fan Eric7100

Check out the interview of Eric7100, an Intellivision fan and collector. 

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Interview of Intellivision fan MIKE L

A new interview with Intellivision fan and collector, Mike L. Read the interview HERE.


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Al Nilsen interview - Mattel Electronics

Additional Interviews are linked here. Courtesy of Atari Age user Mr_Me.

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Keith Robinson Interview

Hal Finney Interview

Hell Finney, a Blue Sky Ranger has passed. Here is a look at some of his achievements to the gaming world, as seen in this interview. Courtesy of 2600Connection

As the story goes, APh Technology…

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MATT CHAT Interview of David Warhol and Mattel Intellivision

Atari vs Intellivision with Interviews of Keith and Nolan

Elektronite Interview for RETRO GAMER MAGAZINE 127

Retro Gamer Magazine has a great Intellivision 35th anniversary article in the latest issue, 127. Part of that article features an interview with Elektronite's William Moeller. The interviewer, Grae…

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The 21st Century Intellivision Elektronite Interview

The Mattel IntelliVision was released in 1979 to compete against the Atari 2600 and other period game systems like Magnavox Odyssey 2. Back then could anyone have imagined that it would go head to h…

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Exclusive Interview with Elektronite Owner William Moeller

Check out the Bottoms Up interview with Elektronite owner William Moeller, maker of  new Intellivision games!

Interview HERE.

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Voice Actor ROGER CRAIG SMITH Reminisces About Intellivision

Popular voice actor Roger Craig Smith was reminiscing about the good old days of playing Intellivision in a recent Interview.

You recently went to the 1337 Lounge Live studio. It’s a cool place and…

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CBC Interviews Elektronite's Willy Moeller

There is one crucial detail that distinguishes William Moeller from other tech entrepreneurs in Hamilton.

While many local firms focus on creating applications for the web or for mobile devices, hi…

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Interview: David Harley of Intelligentvision


Spanning almost a decade (2003 – 2012), David Harley and Intelligentvision released 17 games for the Intellivision console. The first one being the famous Stonix. In N…

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Exclusive Interview with Arnauld Chevallier, Intellivision Programmer

A new Interview by Scalpel, from GAMOTEK.FR has been made available. Visit their website to view the original Interview in French. An english translation has been made available as well by AA user ghs…

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