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The LTO FLASH Information Page is now LIVE

Visit the LTO FLASH! page on Intellivision Revolution. 

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New Intellivision MultiCart Revealed LtoFlash

A new Intellivision MultiCart is headed to your Intellivision this summer. Originally codenamed: Locutus, the LtoFlash is the final name. This user friendly 'drag and drop' based multicart should be…

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Brett Weiss reviews Match 5 for Intellivision

Review by BRETT WEISS:       One of the geekiest things I do is keep track of my high scores on classic video games in a spiral notebook. Most any time I fire up a vintage cartridge or a classic con…

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The Lost Caves Of Kroz by Elektronite Almost Sold Out

The Lost Caves Of Kroz by Elektronite is nearing a sell out, after the initial 150 copies are sold, it will be some time before more copies are made available as Elektronite is moving operations ove…

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Order Your OLD SCHOOL Game Before It sells Out

Old School by Elektronite is getting near to being sold out of the Complete In Box version, a box upgrade kit is also available for those who previously purchased the cartridge only.  After the init…

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Elektronite has shown the final box art for the upcoming Intellivision release, Boulder Dash. 

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BOULDER DASH for Intellivision First Look at Gameplay

Elektronite has shown a new gameplay video of Boulder Dash,  this is a 'work in progress'  and will continue to be refined and perfected as the release of this summer nears.  Keep tuned in to the la…

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ORDER NOW The Lost Caves Of Kroz for Intellivision

Elektronite's THE LOST CAVES OF KROZ game is now accepting orders for the first 100 copies, which right now appear to be sold out. But if back orders reach a certain point more should become availab…

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E3 2014 - Old School for Intellivision

E3 2014 for Intellivision is here! All expected 2014 Intellivision releases are being highlighted for your viewing enjoyment.

Intellivision Still Lives 35 years later!

Welcome back to School!


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Boulder Dash Overlay Design

Elektronite has revealed the latest overlay design for the upcoming Intellivision release Boulder Dash, expected summer 2014.

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Boxed Release of OLD SCHOOL by Elektronite

A full Complete In Box (CIB) version is being released by Elektronite, a cartridge only version was initially available but has since sold out and will not be made available again. The CIB version w…

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Elektronite Shows Latest BOULDER DASH Screen Shot

A new screen shot of Boulder Dash for the Mattel Intellivision has been revealed by Elektronite. This new game is on track for a summer 2014 release. Visit the Atari Age forums and join in the Bould…

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Elektronite Interview for RETRO GAMER MAGAZINE 127

Retro Gamer Magazine has a great Intellivision 35th anniversary article in the latest issue, 127. Part of that article features an interview with Elektronite's William Moeller. The interviewer, Grae…

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The 21st Century Intellivision Elektronite Interview

The Mattel IntelliVision was released in 1979 to compete against the Atari 2600 and other period game systems like Magnavox Odyssey 2. Back then could anyone have imagined that it would go head to h…

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Ordering for OLD SCHOOL Ends March 31 2014

The deadline for ordering the upcoming Elektronite release OLD SCHOOL is March 31, 2014. No more ordering the cartridge only release after this. Head over to ATARI AGE for ordering details. Don't mi…

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Final Boulder Dash Cartridge Label Design

The Cartridge label for the upcoming Elektronite release Boulder Dash is complete. Learn more about this upcoming Intellivision game HERE.

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Defender Of The Crown On Hold for Intellivision

A recent announcement from Elektronite reveals that Defender Of The Crown is cancelled for right now. This long officially licensed Cinemaware game has been in development for quite a few years. Hop…

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Elektronite reveals the OLD SCHOOL cartridge label

Elektronite has revealed the final design for the cartridge label on the upcoming release OLD SCHOOL. Some graphic tweaks, adding of high score, and title screen are still underway. This limited rel…

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Order OLD SKOOL Homebrew from Elektronite NOW

Old Skool is now available to order! This game is available from Elektronite and  Classic Game Publishers. The company that also released many other great Intellivision recently games such as Paddle…

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Elektronite has extended sales for a limited time

Sales of Elektronite games have been extended only a few more days. Elektronite will return sometime in the Spring of 2014 with new games!

Head over to CLASSIC GAME PUBLISHERS to make your selectio…

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