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CHRISTMAS CAROL VS THE WORLD High Score Contest for December 2013

Get ready to win some cool Christmas Carol prizes, break out your Intellivision and PLAY!

Check out the official Contest rules and prizes HERE. Purchase the boxed game HERE.

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Christmas Carol For Intellivision Available!

box-cover.png title.png title_screen.png


As Carol Greenleaf, one of Santa's most trusted elves, you must explore the dark and frozen Ice-Cube Caverns to retrieve all the presents before the Evil Snowman returns.


Packed with whimsical charm and exciting arcade action, Christmas Carol offers fun for kids and adults alike, and is destined to become an instant classic!

The game comes complete with instruction booklet printed on high-quality glossy paper, and hand-controller overlays, all packaged in a glorious "gate…

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Christmas Carol Teaser Video

A new Teaser video has been revealed of the upcoming Intellivision game: Christmas Carol Vs. The Ghost of Christmas Presents. The game is in the final testing stage and should see a release sometime in 2012. The Teaser video can be watched HERE. The first Teaser video can also be viewed HERE.

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