Welcome to the Intellivision Revolution!

Intellivision Programming

Welcome to the world of Intellivision Programming, Are you ready to program your own Intellivision game?  This will hopefully point you in the right direction and get you started and learn how to make games. Or maybe you are a seasoned Intellivision programmer? Share your knowledge in the various Intellivision programming forums, or SUBMIT any vital information and it will be added here. Now get coding!


Do you know the programming language BASIC?  You can now program for the Intellivision using both Assembly Language and Basic. Programmer/Developer NANOCHESS has released IntyBasic development tool for the Intellivision. It is now very easy to get into programming with this great new tool. Learn more here.

Buy the book: Programming Games For Intellivision. Available here:



Intellivision Programming Forums


There are two notable forums for Intellivision programming, having community support is vital in making and programming a game. Both forums have support from the programming community and plenty of help and knowledge. If you are not a current member of either, go ahead and join and start programming your own game!



Yahoo IntvProg Forums

Atari Age Intellivision Programming Forums