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Mauricio Rios - The 125 Club Gold Member

Mauricio Rios hails from the USA and has a very impressive Intellivision collection. A very nice Homebrew selection and of course all 125 boxed games. Also some very nice Mattel handheld games. Many variations including Intv, Sears, CBS, French Canadian and more. Also a very nice Halo 2600!  Also some Bandai other International game variations. Also multiple different boxed Intellivision systems. And last but not least is a never before seen Intellivision Flair pen?  

Homebrews!! photo IntelilvisionHomebrews.jpg
125 - Top Games photo 125Difficultset1.jpg

125 - Top Games Set 2 photo 125Difficultset2.jpg 125 - Imagic photo 125Imagic.jpg

125 - Atarisoft, Interphase and Coleco photo 125AtarisoftInterphaseandColeco.jpg 125 - Parker Bros and Activision photo 125ParkerBrosandActivision.jpg

125 - Action Network photo 125Action.jpg125 - Sports and Gaming Network photo 125SportsampGaming.jpg

125 - Strategy, Space, Children Network and Intellivoice photo 125StrategySpaceKidsampIntellivoice.jpgECS Games plus other system homebrew/multi-cart photo ECSGamesandsomeextras.jpg

125 - Three Original gatefold releases, Draughts, Red Space Armada and Intellivision, Inc games photo 125NoCategory.jpg 125 - Intellivision and rereleases photo 125NoCategoryandIntellvisionvariants.jpg

Intellivision, Inc. versions 2 photo 125IntellivisionVariants2.jpg Intellivision, Inc. versions 3 photo 125Intellivisionvariants3.jpg

Sears Variants 1 of 2 photo SearsVariants1.jpg Sears Variants 2 of 2 photo SearsVariants2.jpg

International Multi-Language Variants photo InternationalMulti-languageVariants.jpg Parker Bros. European Variants photo ParkerBrosEuropeanVersions.jpg

CBS Electronics Carnival and Mouse Trap Variants photo CBSCarnivalandMousetrap.jpg CBS Electronics Donkey Kong and Donkey Kong JR Variants photo CBSDonkeyKongampDonkeyKongJR.jpg

CBS Electronics Ladybug and Venture Variants photo CBSLadybugandVenture.jpg French-Canadian Burgertime, Buzz Bombers, Vectron and Le Tennis (New) photo Franch-CanadianVariants.jpg

French-Canadian Variant games photo FCVariantTitles.jpg

Japanese Variants photo JapaneseVariants.jpgItalian Variants photo ItalianVariants.jpg

German Variants photo GermanVariants.jpg  French Variants photo FrenchVariants.jpg

Intellivision 2609 photo 1Intellivision26092.jpg Tandyvision photo 12Tandyvision.jpg

Super Video Arcade photo 14SVABox.jpg Intellivision II photo 2IntellivisionII.jpg

Computer Module and System Changer photo ECSandSystemChanger-1.jpg Intellivision System III photo 3INTVIII.jpg

Super Pro System photo 4SuperProSystem.jpg

Game Catalogs photo OrderCatalogandFrenchCatalog.jpg Free Flair Pen with Registration Card photo FreeFlairPenRegistrationCard.jpg