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MauAnouk2012 ... from Italy
The Intellivision was my first console (after some pongs) purchased with my  savings. I had just finished military service after school, and while I was looking for a permanent employment, I installed TV antenna systems to start earning money. In this way I succeeded in buying the wished Intellivision, as soon as it arrived in Italy, together with a “big” Sony TV and of course some games. I remember matches and championships with friends playing "Soccer" at home. Later the c64 arrived at home, then the Amiga .... but theIntellivision has always  remained in its place, “proud” and always connected and ready to play. Then, for various reasons, not least the fact that I got married and therefore moved to a new house, it was put into its box. In the last years, however, the nostalgia returned and I decided to open the box which was in the garage, check what I had and start collecting all about the "wonderful world" of this console. I started from console variants with different boxes, the US and EU peripherals, and many games that I obviously missed Slowly I completed the "legendary 125", all into their boxes, with manuals and overlays (where provided), the 29 Sears - Super Video Arcade, the US /EU variants of Mattel, Parker, Imagic, Activision...... and ...... the story obviously does not end I'm going to look for other variants .......another great challenge ... ... but exciting ... ..