Welcome to the Intellivision Revolution!


Introducing the HIVE, a new microSD based Intellivision Multicart.

Coming soon to your Intellivision.



Key Features

  • No DRM support
  • microSD based, will work on Windows/Linux and MAC without additional software required. 
  • Based on Bee3 cart technology.
  • Professionally manufactured.
  • Support for *.bin+*.cfg, *.int, *.rom game ROMs.
  • Legacy games and prototypes do not need a *.cfg, they are auto-identified.
  • Support for long file names and folders.
  • 512K of on-board flash for game saves.
  • Provides hardware accelerated features for new homebrew games.
  • Upgradeable by the user.
  • Load/save menu/bios configuration settings.
  • Low price of $75.00 + P&P for basic version.
  • The deluxe version is planned and will include a microSD card that is pre-loaded with game demos and utilities.
  • More details soon!


Included Game Software

(digital ROM form)



Technical Information


  • FAT12/FAT16/FAT32 compatible.
  • Long filenames supported (VFAT).
  • Files are displayed in white, folders are in yellow.
  • 8K, 16K and 32K *.rom files supported so far.
  • 8K/16K *.bin files (with built in simple database lookup) supported so far.
  • The number in the top right of the video is the "busy indicator".
  • Files larger than the available RAM are played from the cart microcontroller's flash memory.


Features in Progress


  • Analyse as many ROM files as possible and fill out the *.bin database for all 125 legacy games (and the protos).
  • Improve CC3/Intellicart compatibility.
  • In field upgradeable BIOS.
  • Beautify the file/folder explorer.



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