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Voice Actor ROGER CRAIG SMITH Reminisces About Intellivision

Popular voice actor Roger Craig Smith was reminiscing about the good old days of playing Intellivision in a recent Interview.

You recently went to the 1337 Lounge Live studio. It’s a cool place and it has an awesome arcade emulator with a lot of cool games. What’s your favorite game to play on there?

Roger Craig Smith: You know what? Astrosmash goes back to like me being maybe, I think 7 or 8 years old the first time played that thing – I can’t remember, I might have been younger than that, I think I might have been six. But I can remember Christmas Day my dad got an Intellivision for everybody, and we all just sat around. I think we played Astrosmash on Intellivision for ten hours straight. And so any time I go back to that – I still have an actual original Intellivision console somewhere in my garage. It’s not in working condition or anything like that. It’s just such a weird thing to go back and look at how something as intangible as an 8-bit video game, or that experience can bring you back to being a kid again. So any of the old Intellivision stuff. But I would say Astrosmash just ’cause it’s such a big part of my family’s youth.

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