Welcome to the Intellivision Revolution!

Intellivision at Stan Lee Comikaze Convention

The Intellivision booth will be inside the fabulous Videogame History Museum at this year's show, Booth #123. Whether you grew up playing and loving video games or are just curious how blocky little blips on a TV screen grew into a multi-billion dollar industry, you should visit the Museum! Hundreds of video game consoles, arcade machines and memorabilia will be on display, tracing the history of interactive electronic gaming. And this isn't some "Careful - don't touch!" museum. Most of the consoles and all 20 of the arcade machines are switched on, waiting for you to play. All are set to free play....No quarters required!




Celebrity Guest Host Phil Moore

If you were a teenager in the 1990s, then you probably remember Nickelodeon's TV game show Nick Arcade. The show pitted teams of kids against each other in a competition of trivia and game playing skill. We are thrilled to have the popular and effusive host of Nick Arcade, Phil Moore, in our Museum Saturday and Sunday afternoons from 4:00pm to 6:00pm. He will emcee the Astrosmash Shootoff Contest, ask Intellivision trivia questions, and generate lots of excitement among the crowd and in our booth! 


Astrosmash Shootoff Contest - $100 Prizes!

In 1982, the Astrosmash Shootoff was the biggest video game competition ever held. Seventy-two finalists from across the nation met in Houston at the Astro Village Hotel and fought for top score on the Intellivision hit game Astrosmash. Fast forward 20 years: we brought back the competition to last year's Comikaze and we're doing it again this year! Celebrity host Phil Moore will announce the play-by-play action as competitors again fight for top score on a single life. We will award two winners $100 each! (one on Saturday and one on Sunday). Feel free to come by Friday as well to play. And, sometime Saturday, Derek Drew will be stopping by. He was one of the original 72 finalists who competed in Houston back in 1982!


Blue Sky Rangers Panel 

Saturday, November 2, 6:00pm-6:50pm | ROOM 301B
Enjoy an entertaining and informative panel of Blue Sky Rangers--the Intellivision game designers of Mattel Electronics in the early 1980s--as they share their memories and answer your questions about the pioneering days of video games. From the technical challenges of developing a game that fits into a 4K cartridge, to the antics of a group of a young, creative team of programmers, to the business wars that led to the great video game crash of 1983, and everything in between. Learn what kinds of careers and accomplishments the Blue Sky Rangers went on to do and what Intellivision is up to now! Photos and autographs are welcomed! Panelists: Keith Robinson (TRON Solar Sailer), David Warhol(Mind Strike), John Sohl (Astrosmash), Karen Nugent(BurgerTime), Connie Goldman (Thunder Castle), Mark Kennedy (Kool-Aid Man), Bob Newstadt (Pinball), Bill Fisher(Space Hawk).

Merchandise - FREE GIFT!

Many Intellivision Productions items including T-shirts, mugs, books and game collections will be available for purchase in the Museum, at special Comikaze Expo discount prices. PLUS: mention this email and get a FREE GIFT! (while supplies last)


Media Interviews

Keith Robinson, President of Intellivision Productions, Inc. and original Mattel Electronics programmer and game designer is available for interviews, podcasts, photos, etc. If you don't see Keith right away, find Emily in the booth and she can get you scheduled. Ask away!  

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