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Intellivision at CORGS 2024 gaming convention June 1 2024 Columbus Ohio

Live near Ohio? Intellivisionaries Podcast & IntellivisionRevolution will be attending CORGS 2024. See all the info here: Link

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PRGE 2016 throwback video IntellivisionRevolution

Special attention to 50 second mark for debut IntellivisionRevolution booth

PRGE IntellivisionRevolution game releases

Papa Pete and Casey showcase the convention releases. 

RetroGameCon in NY Oct 8 9 New Intellivision Release

A new Intellivision homebrew release will be available at the show tis coming weekend. If you are in the NY area, stop on by!   Look for the Midnight Blue International booth hosted by Michael Hayes. 

When and where is RetroGameCon being held?

RGC takes place on Saturday, October 8th and Sunday, October 9th at the Nicholas J. Pirro Convention Center (The Oncenter), which is located at 800 South State Street, Syracuse, NY 13202.

What are the show hours?

Saturday: 10:00AM (9:30A…

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PRGE 2014 Keith Robinson Presentation

PRGE 2022 game debut review by ArcadeUSA

RetroGameCon 2022 and Mattel Intellivision booth NY Oct 8 9

RetroGameCon 2022 is coming to NY on October 8 & 9 2022.  Midnight Blue International will be hosting a booth there with Intellivision goodies. And also be selling some IntellivisionRevolution games and items.  Hope to see you there!


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ArcadeUSA top ten Intellivision arcade games

Official Trailer - Intellivision Virtual Expo 2020

FUBAR available at RetroGameCon in Upstate NY

RetroGameCon in Upstate NY is here! IntellivisionRevolution and Michael Hayes will be in attendance and FUBAR will be available for purchase. More Information is available here: Link

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A look back at PRGE 2016

Playthrough Gaming Convention 2019 in North Carolina - IntellivisionRevolution

IntellivisionRevolution will be attending the Playthrough Gaming Convention 2019! If you are in the Raleigh North Carolina area stop on by. A couple of new Intellivision releases are anticipated to debut at the convention. JOIN THE DISCUSSION HERE.

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The Portland Retro Gaming Expo 2017 is here

PRGE 2017 starts Oct. 20!  Visit the official site for more details.

Intellivision Revolution attending PLAYTHROUGH GC 2017

Intellivision Revolution will be attending and setting up a vendor booth at Playthrough Gaming Convention on February 25,26 2017 in Raleigh NC. Come on by and play some games!    Visit the official Playthrough site here.

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Jr Pac Man at PRGE 2016

PRGE 2016 - Desert Bus Available at the Convention

Desert Bus will be available to purchase PRGE, in Portland, Oregon on October 22, 23 2016. The game is also available to reserve directly from the publisher of this game, Freewheeling Games. Check out the announcement thread HERE. Visit the Official Freewheeling Games website HERE.

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PRGE 2016 - GOSUB Available at the Convention

Visit the Intellivision Revolution Booth at PRGE on October 22, 23 2016 to pick up your copy. GOSUB is also available to reserve directly from 2600Connection.

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PRGE 2016 - Missile Domination Available at the Convention

Visit the Intellivision Revolution Booth at PRGE on October 22, 23 2016 to pick up your copy.

Intellivision Revolution attending PRGE 2016

New games available soon from Intellivision. Several new games will make their debut at PRGE 2016 in Portland Oregon. New games such as IntyBasic Showcse Vol. 1, Ultimate Pong, GOSUB, and several older titles such as Copter Command, and Missile Domination. Also some new game demos, and more!

The Portland Retro Gaming Expo starts in October 2016

Get ready for PRGE 2016 in Portland Oregon. PRGE has become one of the largest retro gaming conventions in the world. This year will debut multiple new Intellivision releases from multiple publishers. More news in October. The show begins October 21-23. Visit the official site HERE.

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