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Horrible Hank vs Donkey Kong - Intellivision

Father and his jerkoff son make a pickups video

New games for your Intellivision review video

Young collector Alex Arcade shows Intellivision Collection

A new generation of Intellivision collector!

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Intellivision Theme Music with Electric Guitars

I Want My Intellivision

In other news, this video never gets old!

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Intellivision Calling the Prison Board

Intellivision Dig Dug Gameplay Video

The Video Game Years

Intellivision Lives! Documentary Part 3

Christmas Carol Teaser Video

A new Teaser video has been revealed of the upcoming Intellivision game: Christmas Carol Vs. The Ghost of Christmas Presents. The game is in the final testing stage and should see a release sometime i…

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Evil Doctor Intellivision

Thanks to IntellivisionDude for pointing this video out!

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Intellivision Game Spotlight: River Raid


The enemy has positioned a series of bridges across the river to ensure a supply line. Your orders are to destroy those bridges, and demolish choppers, tankers, and jets that patro…

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