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OH MUMMY for the Mattel Intellivision free digital ROM download

January 6, 2017

Download the digital ROM for a new game, Oh Mummy! for the Intellivision. Courteous of Nanochess.

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2015 IntyBasic Programming Contest Entry - ZYX

December 24, 2015

ZYX, an entry for the 2015 IntyBasic programming Contest. More details HERE

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2015 Intellivision Programming Contest SPACE VERUS

September 16, 2015

The 2015 Intellivision Programming Contest has a new entry:  Space Versus. Download the ROM file in the official entry thread on Atari Age. 

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IntyBasic Programming Contest 2015 ENTER YOUR GAME

July 8, 2015

Familiar with Basic Programming Language?   Why not try your hand at programming a game for the Mattel Intellivision?  Win prizes or get a chance to get your game published!  All the details can b…

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Use IntyBasic to Program your own Intellivision game

April 2, 2015

Nanochess has released the latest IntyBasic programming revision. Download V1.0 now!

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GoSub - New Intellivision Homebrew

September 19, 2014

Atari2600land is now working on a new Intellivision homebrew game called GoSub. You navigate your submarine through various underwater mazes in search of treasure. Check out the progress in the prog…

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IntyBasic Programming Version 8 Now Available

August 29, 2014

Nanochess has updated the IntyBasic Compiler Programing tool for the Intellivision. Now is the time to start making your game!

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IntyBasic Page Updated

May 9, 2014

The IntyBasic page has a few updates on it. IntyBasic V.07 is out along with the newly added IntyColor! Also added a few games including Blast It by Dave Akers, a Laser Blast clone that is in progre…

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IntyBasic V0.7 Has Been Released

April 6, 2014

The latest version of IntyBasic, for you Intellivision programmers, has been released by Nanochess. Download the latest version HERE

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The IntyBasic Game Database

February 28, 2014

Visit the new IntyBasic Game Database for a view of all known games and tech demos that utilize the new Intellivision Basic Compiler.

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INTYBASIC V0.5 now Available to Download

February 27, 2014

IntyBasic V0.5 is now available to download. IntyBASIC is an integer BASIC language cross-compiler for Intellivision that helps greatly to ease in writing new games. The new V0.5 version implement…

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Introducing IntyBasic Compliler Intellivision Homebrew Development Tool

February 14, 2014

Developed by Atari Age user NANOCHESS

This is a command-line integer cross-compiler of a small subset of BASIC, it generates assembler for using with as1600, that in turn generates the final execut…

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