The Intellivision Game Vault


Price: All digital downloads are FREE

Your source for Digital Game ROMs, Demos, Digital Music, WIP (work-in-progress), for the Mattel Intellivision. For use on a variety of emulation platforms such as Intellicart, Cuttle Cart 3, LTO Flash, IntyOS, SDK 1600 or other PC based emulators. Visit the emulation page for more information about emulators:

Disclaimer: Please no publicly sharing, posting, selling, hosting, making available in any form on a digital platform or manufacture of physical product of any digital ROM files downloaded from the Intellivision Game Vault. Unless specifically noted, the game programs remain wholly owned by the programmer(s), publisher, or individual as described in each respective game program. Public video review shall be permissible. Enjoy!

Intellivision programmers: Feel free to contact me if you wish to have anything added to the Game Vault or work together to have your gaming project published in physical form!

Check out the LTO Flash (cart) for playing game ROMs: