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Papa Pete interviews Michael Stryker MY INTELLIVISION song

Interview of Michael Hayes

Check out the interview of Intellivision enthusiest and programmer of SameGame & Robots, Blix, and more.  Interview is HERE.

A conversation with Keith Robinson

Interview of Intellivision Fan Eric7100

Check out the interview of Eric7100, an Intellivision fan and collector. 

Interview of Intellivision fan MIKE L

A new interview with Intellivision fan and collector, Mike L. Read the interview HERE.


Al Nilsen interview - Mattel Electronics

Additional Interviews are linked here. Courtesy of Atari Age user Mr_Me.

How George Plimptons Sports Books Presaged the First-Person Media Age

The late author’s seven books of participatory journalism, recently reissued, put the writer in the middle of the frame, auguring much to come.

A framed menu from Toots Shor, the famed Midtown New York saloon and restaurant, once hung on the wall above the desk of George Plimpton, the patrician writer and Paris Review founder whose name became synonymous with “participatory journalism.”

For decades the restaurant had been a hangout for celebrities—Frank S…

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Keith Robinson Interview

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