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Intellivision Mod the INTY RGB installation

February 9, 2016

Atari Age user Juice2839 has an INTY RGB modification for the Mattel Intellivision. Check out the detailed installation and details on how to purchase. 

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Arcade Warehouse Find from 2001

February 8, 2016

Ultimate Flashback Upgrade Service

January 25, 2016

The Intellivision Football League 2015 still in progress

November 30, 2015

Join the Intellivision Football League 2015 already in progress.

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CGR 1983 Parker Bros catalog review

November 9, 2015

PIXELS The Official Movie Trailer

May 21, 2015

I Want My Intellivision

May 21, 2015

In other news, this video never gets old!

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Intellivision Calling the Prison Board

May 21, 2015

The intellivision Baseball League HAS BEGUN

April 2, 2015

The 2015 season of the Intellivision Baseball League has begun.  Check out the details HERE

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Morons Play and Destroy and Intellivision

April 2, 2015

RETRO BUYERS GUIDE Review of Intellivision

April 2, 2015

Download SHARK SHARK PLUS for your Intellivision

March 7, 2015

An updated version of Shark Shark called: Shark Shark Plus is available for download. Check out for the ROM. 

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Download Intellivision Sports Games Hack Roms

February 19, 2015

Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, and Football for Intellivision have had a few cool hacks done. Check them out HERE

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Retro Parker Bros Advertisement

January 25, 2015

Ad courtesy of Atarimania. 

HIVE Multi-Car Fan Information Video

October 17, 2014

Intellivision Memories

September 5, 2014

COURTESY OF WEBMIKEY:  Dad and I have always had fun together with technology, which includes home video games. When I was really young, I remember we owned some kind of dedicated Pong TV game tha…

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MATT CHAT Interview of David Warhol and Mattel Intellivision

August 23, 2014

The rise and fall of gaming’s third-party exclusives

August 21, 2014

Since practically the dawn of the video game console, game makers have tried to set their systems apart with games made in-house by first-party studios or from wholly owned second-party subsidiaries…

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Swords and Serpents Spotlight Review

July 30, 2014

On the last Retro Game Review Podcast, you heard fellow Arbitrarian, Joe, and myself talk about fantasy video games. Well, last week my big brother gave me a fantasy video game as a gift for standi…

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Voice Actor ROGER CRAIG SMITH Recalls Intellivision in an Interview

July 9, 2014

Roger Craig Smith is a voice actor who has worked on a wide range of projects. In addition to voicing superheroes like Batman and Captain America, he’s also been the voice Sega’s iconic video game m…

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