Introducing the HIVE Intellivision Multicart

Groovybee's Intellivision Multicart now has a name, HIVE, as revealed today. The initial run of will only be 20 copies, but a full deluxe boxed copy is in the works. The Initial of run of 20 will be priced at 75.00 plus shipping. Plenty more details can be seen in the OFFICIAL THREAD

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I need to get a multicard with intellivision roms, where do they sell it? Please some help where to get it. . .
I will greatly appreciate your comment

Buy a Multi-Cart for Intellivision here

When can I order one and where do I download all the roms from?



Hi will this fantastic product be available soon?
Niall Bradley Belfast.

hi, when is this going to be available for purchase to the public? can you please update me.