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Spotlight on Intelligentvision Battlestar Galactica

Norseman coming to the Intellivision

Akalabeth by Nanochess Intellivision version

Homebrew Highlight by Papa Pete HELI

Brians Man Cave brings Space Taxi to Intellivision

Keystone Kapers for the Mattel Intellivision

Rick Dynamite game review

New Intellivision Pinball game in development

Defender of the Crown for Intellivision

A Tale Of Dragons And Swords for Intellivision

Mr Turtle for Intellivision

Super Mario Bros for Intellivision

Intellivania for the Mattel Intellivision is upon us

Intellivania is now available in the IntellivisionRevolution store

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HELI is now available for for the Mattel Intellivision

H.E.L.I. is now available in the IntellivisionRevolution store. 

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Antarctic Tales for the Mattel Intellivision now available

Antarctic Tales now available for purchase in the IntellivisionRevolution store

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Fantasy arcade game for Mattel Intellivision

The Black Candle for Mattel Intellivision

Ninja Odyssey by Elektronite

Rick Dangerous for Intellivision coming in 2020

TNT Cowboy by Elektronite

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