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D1K Arcade Is Now Available

Head on over to ClassicGamePublishers to order the CARTRIDGE ONLY re-release of this excellent game for the Mattel Intellivision Console. Ordering Information is available by going to the site as well as additional game information. Stay tuned for information on the next release: D2K Arcade, coming sometime in May 2012.

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Great news on the CC orders...i think paypal is over rated anyway...Im tired of all the fees!!!!

I look forward to this game!


We are now accepting credit card orders. Unfortunately, we do NOT accept PayPal at this time. However, our credit card orders are processed securely online through Beanstream and the TD Bank. Order with confidence!


We will be going Live with MasterCard and Visa about 2pm EST Tuesday April 17th.....D1K will be available for credit card purchases!