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Tiny Arcade Games

Burgertime mini Arcade handheld game

Star Wars TESB Intellivision review

Ricks Extra Life charity all day gaming event

As you may have heard on the Intellivisionaries podcast show, Rick is holding an all day charity event on November 11 2017. Details are as follows: The Extra Life event is coming up quick!  Rick will be doing the all-day gaming marathon on Saturday November 11, starting around 8:00am EST. More info: Extra Life ( is a charity that helps Children's Hospitals.  He will be playing for the Children's Hospital of Pittsburgh.  Any little bit you can donate will…

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IntellivisionRevolution is headed to PRGE 2017

Stay tuned for updates this week from Portland Oregon at PRGE 2017.

When Video Game Consoles Wanted (and Failed) to Be Computers

A lot of early video game consoles secretly wanted to be home computers, too. Their makers either sold keyboard add-ons or failed miserably in the process.

Of all the reasons for the video game crash of 1983, perhaps the most unappreciated might be the fact that computers were finally starting to gain a place in many households—and they could do a lot more than play games.


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The Lost Caves Of Kroz available from Elektronite

The Lost Caves Of Kroz by publisher Elektronite is available for sale for on the Naberhood Games website.

Download the FREE Flapee Bird digital ROM for Intellivision

CollectorVision has made the Flapee Bird digital ROM available for free. Play this fun little game on your Mattel Intellivision. Download the ROM here.

Intellivisionaries Podcast Episode 31 now LIVE

Episode 31 of the Intellivisionaries Podcast is now available for your listening pleasure.

BCs Quest For Tires still available from CollectorVision

Did you miss BCs Quest For Tires on the Intellivision?    CollectorVision still has some copies available for purchase on the official site.

RUMOR Intellivision Flashback 2 releasing holiday 2017

Tutorial for cleaning Intellivision cartridges

STONIX gameplay via Emulation

IntellivisionDude plays Mystic Castle by Intelligentvision ORDER DIGITAL ROM

IntellivisionDude gives Mystic Castle some game time. Mystic Castle is an updated version of the original Thunder Castle. Purchase the digital Rom directly from the publisher, Intelligentvision. VISIT HERE.

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Young collector Alex Arcade shows Intellivision Collection

A new generation of Intellivision collector!

PRGE 2016 - Ultimate Pong Available at the Convention

Ultimate Pong is making its debut at PRGE in Portland Oregon on October 22, 23 2016. Visit the Intellivision Revolution booth to pick up your copy!

PRGE 2016 - IntyBASIC Showcase Volume 1 Available at the Convention

Get your copy of IntyBASIC Showcase Volume 1 if you are planning to visit PRGE in Portland, OR on October 22,23 2016.

PRGE 2016 - Copter Command Available at the Convention

Visit the Intellivision Revolution Booth at PRGE on October 22, 23 2016 to pick up your copy.

Intellivision Yard Sale Find

Intellivisiondude unboxes the LTO FLASH Intellivision Multicart

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